Curriculum vitae


Personal data


Name:                          Dick Houtman

Year of birth:                1963

Place of birth:               Utrecht, the Netherlands

Email:                           Dick.Houtman[at]



Work address:              Center for Sociological Research (CeSO)

                                     University of Leuven

                                     Parkstraat 45, box 3601

                                     Office 02.135

                                     3000 Leuven





9/1994:                         PhD sociology (highest honors), Erasmus University

                                     Rotterdam, the Netherlands


8/1989:                         MA sociology (highest honors), Erasmus University

                                     Rotterdam, the Netherlands


8/1984:                         Propaedeutics sociology (highest honors), Erasmus

                                     University Rotterdam, the Netherlands


8/1982:                         Gymnasium-ß, Dr. F.H. de Bruijne Lyceum, Utrecht,

                                     the Netherlands





10/2013 - present:        Senior Full Professor of Sociology of Culture

                                     and Religion, University of Leuven, Belgium


10/2013 - present:        Faculty fellow, Center for Cultural Sociology (CCS),

                                     Yale University, United States


9/2012 - 9/2013:           Visiting research fellow, Center for Cultural Sociology

                                     (CCS), Yale University, United States


6/2007 - 10/2013:         Professor of Cultural Sociology, Center for Rotterdam

                                     Cultural Sociology (CROCUS), Erasmus University

                                     Rotterdam, the Netherlands


4/2005 - 6/2007:           Associate professor of sociology, Erasmus University

                                     Rotterdam, the Netherlands


11/2003:                       Visiting professor of sociology, Ecole des Hautes

                                     Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Marseille, France


1/2000 – 3/2005:          Assistant professor of sociology, Erasmus University

                                     Rotterdam, the Netherlands


1/1996 – 12/1999:        Postdoc, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the

                                     Netherlands, enabled by an EUR-Fellowship

                                     (Erasmus University) and a Person-Directed Postdoc

                                     Fellowship (NWO)


1/1995 – 8/1995:          Visiting research fellow, University of Maryland at

                                     College Park, United States, enabled by a TALENT-

                                     Fellowship (NWO)


9/1991 – 12/1995:        Research fellow, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the

                                     Netherlands, enabled by an NWO grant for Ph.D.

                                     research and an NWO TALENT-Fellowship


9/1989 – 8/1991:          PhD student, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the



9/1984 – 8/1989:          Teaching and research assistantships, Erasmus

                                     University Rotterdam, the Netherlands